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JNS Offers Scholarship for 25 GDOU Students

Update Time:2017-04-05

Mar. 24 -- JNS through its Human Resources & Administration Dept. in Guangdong Ocean University (GDOU) offered scholarship for about 25 students.
The scholarship provides financial assistance of three years to needy students to enable them to pursue their studies at the University. There will be a total of 75 students who will get scholarship.
At the ceremony of the scholarship on the premises in GDOU, GDOU Minister, Ms. Li Yufen recalled that GDOU and JNS had earlier started academic collaboration in different field of studies. She said the collaboration with JNS has positive impact as it contributes to the development endeavor. Today, we are very happy that JNS offered scholarship for needy students. So, this scholarship will provide financial support for the needy and for very good students.
Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of Human Resources & Administration of JNS, Mr. Zhu Jilei said the collaboration is growing and benefiting the two sides. He also expressed belief that the collaboration between GDOU and JNS would further be strengthened in the future.


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