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The School-Enterprise Cooperation Of JNS

Update Time:2017-06-21
On May 20, 2017, led by Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of Human Resource & Administration of JNS, Mr. Jilei Zhu visit Yunnan Province Dali prefecture Xiangyun vocational high school for a week of the course teaching, the object is the first class of “Nan yang Ship Class” which directional training by JNS.
By report, JNS with Xiangyun vocational high school signed a cooperation agreement in June 2015; the first cooperation lasts for five years, every year training the students not less than 30. The trained standards according to JNS, the enterprise rules & regulations and enterprise culture as an educational plan. At the same time, JNS will assign the professional technician or training teachers for teaching, achieve Professional education and enterprise production actual demand. At present, the school has enrolled nearly 100 students of two sessions, the third session has begun.
Xiangyun is the first vocational school of JNS which engaged in the joint orientation of the enterprises to cultivate the workers, the project promote is smooth, since the cooperation. The first 30 students for one year's internship on June 19th, after the internship examination pass, they will be formally employed by JNS.

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