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Guangdong Association Shipbuilding Industry Visited JNS

Update Time:2017-09-27
On September 25, 2017, a delegation led by Jianrong Chen of Guangdong Association Shipbuilding Industry visited JNS for a research. In order to know JNS Production operation,transformation and upgrading,structure adjustment, market exploring,technology Innovation,personnel cultivation and existent difficulties, President Executive Director of JNS Mr Huang Fei and Chief Engineer of JNS Mr Qian Shanbo warm reception.
At the symposium, President Executive Director of JNS Mr Huang Fei have introduced general situation of the enterprise, to discuss the relevant business proposed the proposal and request for preferential policies for the government shipbuilding industry, and expressed thanks for some constructive suggestions from the association. Affected by the economic downturn development, shipbuilding and supporting enterprises are face with serious situation, JNS by strengthen inner management. In recent years, the healthy and stable development of JNS which have high recognized by Mr.Chen of GDASI.
And then, President Executive Director of JNS Mr Huang Fei accompanied the guests visited the shipyard.

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